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Hi, I'm Mukesh Murugan.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer working with .NET, GoLang, AWS, Terraform & Kubernetes.😎

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I make sure that I generate some in-depth practical guides for you to grasp the concepts in a better way. Here are some stats.

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  • 8 Million+ Views.
  • 120+ Github Repositories Attached.
  • Growing YouTube Library.
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Everything Related to .NET, Golang, AWS, and much more!

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I write detailed guides about .NET, Golang, AWS, and best practices. These guides help you understand the concepts better. At the end of each article, I include a link to a GitHub Repository for you to check out the code and examples. This way, you can learn by doing and apply what you've learned in a practical way.


detailed articles.


lifetime active readers.


github repositories.

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