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Mukesh Murugan

Hey there!👋

My name is Mukesh Murugan. Currently, I'm working as a Software Engineer at CSG International. At work, I use GoLang, .NET, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Azure, Kubernetes for our Microservices.

Apart from being a backend developer, I am currently exploring certain Frontend Frameworks like NextJS and Astro. This blog is entirely developed using Astro SSG, and is hosted on Cloudflare Pages. The ultimate aim is to build a static blog with super fast load times, less data transfers, effecient caching, optimizations on costing, scalable to atleast 10k views per day, and highly available.

Back in 2020, during the COVID days, I decided to start a blog (because of the new found free time and in the comfort of working from home), where I could document my programming journey and make it accessible for developers who are getting started with stacks similar to my area of interest.

I write tutorials, articles, and Beginner’s Guides on Golang / AWS / C# / ASP.NET Core and anything else that you may relate to as a developer. I will make it as structured as possible so that you would find it easy to navigate across my content. I have started a YouTube Channel as well. Also, there are a couple of Open Source projects that I work on, which will be posted in my blog.

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