Are you someone who loves to code?
It doesn’t matter what level of coding knowledge you are at. There is always a possibility to improve and learn things that you never thought were possible in the code world.

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Hey, I am Mukesh Murugan
software engineer/creator of codewithmukesh.com

I am completely self-taught and still trying to learn whatever I can that would help boost my career to the next level and improve my technical/personal skills.

As a side project, I decided to start a blog where I could document my programming journey and make it accessible for developers who are getting started with particular stacks similar to my area of interest.

 I write tutorials, articles, and Beginner’s Guides on C# / ASP.NET Core and anything else that you may relate to as a developer. I will make it as structured as possible so that you would find it easy to navigate across my content.

Also, there are a couple of Open Source projects that I work on, which will be posted in my blog. Do Endorse me on LinkedIn if you like my content!

You can reach out to me @ hello@codewithmukesh.com. I will try to be as prompt as possible! 🙂

As of January 2021, codewithmukesh gets about 110,000 pageviews on a monthly basis out of which around 75% is organic search traffic. That’s pretty satisfying considering the age of the blog.

If you have a product or service that you would like to introduce to my audience, feel free to contact me. Do email me the details at hello@codewithmukesh.com

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What’s codewithmukesh about?

The major drawback of the software industry is that EVERYTHING KEEPS CHANGING! Keeping pace with evolution of various tech stacks can sometimes be really stressful.

The ONE thing most of the programmers lack is GUIDANCE, which is exactly my aim to provide with this blog.

I have gone through several UPS and downs throughout my career and the goal with this site is to build that platform that could help you learn skills faster than I ever could. In this blog, I intend to write detailed and descriptive articles and guides that is designed to help my audience grasp tech stacks and various concepts around it.

Giving back to the DEV Community

Like any other developer, I relied on several communities and forums to grow my knowledge as a developer. I get help from many of these forums even today whenever I have a hard time in solving stuffs at work, Such Helping hands are quite priceless when it comes to the make and break of our development careers. I always felt like I wanted to give something back to the community in terms of gained knowledge and experience. And that is how codewithmukesh.com was born!

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