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  1. Hi Mukesh,

    Thank you very much for your nice Article. I really learned a lot with this article. One update to you:

    You cannot create your project name as Serilog.WebApplication. If you do like this, Serilog class will be overridden with “Serilog” in your project file name. Most of the functionality won’t work.

    Rest everything is really nice.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

      Yes, I get it. However this is just a demonstration. I use the naming to maintain my github repos, so that it is easier to navigate. But thanks for the info.

  2. Hi Mukessh,

    Text based blogs really kill lot of time to learn and understand. Do you have video based posts?

    I will join you if you have video based posts.

    1. As of now, I do not have an youtube channel. But I will start it quite soon as many are asking the same. It actually takes a lot of time and work for Youtube. Will Update you

  3. Hi Mukesh,

    Thanks a lot, I am able to implement serilog following the blog. But I am trying to make exception logs as global , some how I am not able achieve this. How we can do that, any idea ..

  4. Hello!

    Awesome well-explained article. I was able to get up and coding in no time. A few hiccups I faced in this post:

    The subtitle of your article: “by Mukesh Murugan | Updated on May 27, 2020 | ASP.NET Core”

    – The hyper link on you name links to an invalid website
    – The “Get the Code” button in the end doesn’t work. It just reloads the page
    – None of you about or author pages have a link to your GitHub

    For those looking:

  5. Hello Mukesh,
    It’s typically rare that I post a comment on-line but I felt compelled to send you a note of thanks for this and your other topical development posts (I have several bookmarked for reference and recommended them to our development team). I’ve been coding for 25+ years now and I have to say that your style is refreshing and informative. I especially enjoy how well organized the information is presented. While it should be obvious that many of these topics vary in depth, these posts serve as a a great launching point, answering the fundamental question of “I’m interested in learning about X but how do I get started?”

    Great job!

      1. Thanks, that’s much appreciated, but sometimes this old dog feels like technology is moving at such blistering speeds that it’s impossible or even foolish to try to keep up–depends on the day, perhaps! It’s great to have such a rich development community to tap into when tackling something completely new, though, so thanks again for sharing as it’s helped jumpstart integrating some of these cool technologies. Personally I think the biggest challenge I’ve encountered in ASP.Net Core is knowing which package(s) to install!!

        Happy coding!

        1. You are not alone Jeff, it is infact moving way too fast, especially the web/mobile applications space… but i guess eventually it would stabilize with the advent of .NET 6 + MAUI

  6. this is very nice topic and clear explianation.

    I wonder how do we implment logging like what happend to the system.

    – What entitiy is created, updated, deleted, who did it, when, what kind of old and new data

  7. Hi Musk,

    It is logging to database from the program class.

    But when i try to log from api controller class. nothing is logging

  8. hello there nice post, but i need to elastic search in the cloud, how could i do it using this tutorial? thanks

  9. By setting writeTo Mssql, “restrictedToMinimumLevel”: “Warning” working fine.
    But when setting “restrictedToMinimumLevel”: “Critical” it has error.

    –> System.ArgumentException: ‘Requested value ‘Critical’ was not found.’

  10. Thanks Mukesh – You have shown that one can grow more while helping others grow too, keep up your blog posts. Even though there are tons of materials available online, very few (with real IT experience) discuss it in a well-structured manner like you do. Moreover, you also discuss some best practices/ patterns for creating industry grade applications.

    Want to buy a coffee for you, but the payment page does not respond post entering credit card details, the buy spinner keeps spinning…