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      1. Thanks. In fullstack hero, how do you do form validation, i have several tabs and i want button to be disabled until form is filled. In Blazorhero it was fluentvalidation. please assist

  1. Hi there.
    Amazing job, discovering it recently and the quality of the architecture+code is amazing. It also saves a ton of time to kickstart something production-ready with logs and detailed audit trails.
    One question though : I don’t quite find an elegant way of referencing users (with their ID) in other EF objects (one user to many objects or even many-to-many).
    I get why the ApplicationUsers are in Infra project (obvious separation for safety and deps), but adding users as EF relations into like products for example ?

  2. @mukesh you are awesome,
    Your articles and architecture of any example help me a lot.
    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

  3. My fondest memory in AspNet development was the “aspnet community starter kits” that Microsoft published for clubs, shops and other sites. They weren’t blank canvases but fully operational apps that you could customize and extend for your projects. On a new quest to find the netcore/6 version of those and this looks like a great option, thanks for your effort!

  4. This is a great effort Mukesh. I have gone through the code and documentation and tried following step by step. Kudos to you.

  5. Hey Mukesh,
    Thanks for great article. I have some questions in mind. How can we handle one to many relationships while inserting and retrieval of data. lets have realtime example. I want to generate bill for products. So I have two tables BillDetails(id,bill_date,bill_no) and BillItemDetails(id,bill_id,productId,quantity , rate), in this scenario how can save data with multiple products. Also in complex case how can we use stored procedure?

  6. Nice work Mukesh, Congratulations!!
    However I find the Forget Password flow in-complete.
    Email is sent with token, but it should be sent with complete url to page with token.
    There is no page under identity folder too to hangle the url.