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      1. Thanks. In fullstack hero, how do you do form validation, i have several tabs and i want button to be disabled until form is filled. In Blazorhero it was fluentvalidation. please assist

  1. Hi there.
    Amazing job, discovering it recently and the quality of the architecture+code is amazing. It also saves a ton of time to kickstart something production-ready with logs and detailed audit trails.
    One question though : I don’t quite find an elegant way of referencing users (with their ID) in other EF objects (one user to many objects or even many-to-many).
    I get why the ApplicationUsers are in Infra project (obvious separation for safety and deps), but adding users as EF relations into like products for example ?

  2. @mukesh you are awesome,
    Your articles and architecture of any example help me a lot.
    Thank you for sharing the knowledge.