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    1. Thanks! Yes, but it would take some time. I am trying to completely cover AWS first. Around 15 articles are planned for AWS on .NET. Once that’s done, I will try to get started with Azure content.

  1. I have been working with AWS which seems like a perfect solution for my backend for a .net blazor project. 3 times now I have gone through examples and get everything setup up and end up with Postman get a “message”: “Not Found” a 404 Not Found. Any ideas what I should look for?

  2. Thanks for this article, if we change the Lambda Payload type from V2 to V1 (Need to check the actual class name), would that work with API Gateway Rest API

    1. V1 is meant for REST API. V1 and V2 will still work on HTTP. Prefer V2 for HTTP APIs as is it can understand the return types of your C# and doesnt need an explicit return on Gateway Response along with status codes.

  3. Having an issue when deploying the hello world lambda function through the visual studio toolkit.

    … publish: MSBuild version 17.4.0+18d5aef85 for .NET
    … publish: MSBUILD : error MSB1006: Property is not valid.

    Any idea what could be causing this?