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  1. the is an excellent Tutorials. I can’t wait to see you Blazor Hero clean Architecture template. keep up the good work

  2. Nice and clean tutorial as usual, very appreciated and yes…yes…more about MudBlazor (Pagination, sorting columns, how to bind data to input selection, etc) Thank you

  3. Dear Mukesh, seems that with the provided code PAGING does not work with the grid and when loaded a lot of records it does not work.
    can you please check?
    2. is it possible to add a method List method to return fewer records each time on the server level, in order to make the app faster?
    can you provide a sample?


    1. Hi, This was just a sample CRUD implementation using MB Components. For a more advanced implementation with paging and server-side paging working, you can check my BlazorHero Project.

      Let me point you to the exact code –
      To know more about Blazor Hero, refer –


  4. Hi Mukesh,
    excellent work as always. I have a small suggestion.
    When you follow this guide, you first mention to add:

    to Shared/MainLayout.razor page, but then you get an error because VS doesn’t recognize those two lines because we are missing
    @using MudBlazor from _Imports.razor.
    Maybe just switch the order so people don’t get wondering why they have wave line under those two lines.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Anyway coffees are on the way 🙂

  5. Any idea , how Blazor adopting in the IT or software market.
    As Angular is well settle in market

  6. HI, thank you very much for the article.

    It helps a lot understanding how to use Blazor for data access.

    Maybe you could also create articles for using Mysql instead of Sql Server.

  7. I followed the example an everything works as shown with no issues. When I try to create a new blazor page “Customer” so that I can use the “Index” page for a general landing page, I copy all of the code from the working Index page and past to the Customer page I get all types of errors and basically it says I am missing a namespage. My goal was to expand the customer example to another project class so that I would have two workings pages instead of just the one in the example. Much like what you did in your article How to Implement Blazor CRUD using Entity Framework

  8. Hey, very nice tutorial. I was wondering how did you do the @bind-customer, how to get the selected customer part.
    Thank you