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  1. Hi it was nice article.
    In This application IApplicationDbContext is not binding to ApplicationDbContext in startup class ConfigureServices method. It is necessary to add service.AddScoped() in ConfigureService method

    1. Hello Sarath! Thanks for pointing it out to me 😀 It was available in my source code, But forgot to add it to this article. It’s now corrected. Thanks again 😀

    1. Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I am writing an Article with Dapper and Repository Pattern right now! What a co-incidence. I will be publishing it in about 3 minutes. Will let you know.
      Thanks and regards.

  2. Hey, this article is well explained and it’s working just fine. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hi,
    Great Article, Easy to learn. Thankyou for sharing this. As you said this convers basic of EF core, so I would like to learn more in depth. If you have some, please share. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Mukesh,

    I have a query related to swagger when i am using with entity framework.

    My Swagger UI is not loading after doing migration but before migration everything was working fine for default project.

    I have taken .net core api project and done migration in same project.

    Kindly let me know if any changes are required?


  5. hi Eng, I work as a new programmer in a university. I want to use stored procedures in kernel technology. Can you give some steps to explain?