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    1. Hi Yazid,

      Yes, hangfire is an open-sourced library free for commercial uses. However, there is an upgrade available to access a few more features of Hangfire. But the core features of the library remain in the free tier as well.

      Here is their homepage –

  1. Hi,
    is there a way to check if Hangfire tables have been already created? Let me explain: I have an application that, every time is deployed, creates hangfire dashboards for 150 databases, so the deployment process is very very slow. Is it posible to do that process only once?

  2. Nice tutorial.
    Could you please help me hangfire recurring job is not running on production server.
    How the server table create in hangfire ?

  3. I host the application on IIS, it seems the background hangfire task will be killed by IIS, only when visit the application page, the task will wake up. How to solve this problem?

  4. I need to send to the user what the method returns (for example, if the method created an object, I want to return the object), but I want the method to retry itself if anything fails. How can I achieve that with Hangfire?

  5. Does Hangfire Server start peeking the hangfire db when first job is pushed or at regular intervals? If it is at regular intervals What is the default interval?

    Does number of Queues in the Hangfire server will reserve that many threads for the backgroun

    Does each background job type has separate thread? If not

    a. What happens to delayed and recurring jobs if a Job in queue is under execution?

    b. What happens to delayed job if recurring job is under execution?

    Is it possible to add a recurring job on the application start ?

  6. Amazing, can we make a child Job recurring in Continuation with the same scenario as you explain above?