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  1. thanks for the amazing post. I have been following your blog since 1 week. And also i am looking for post about custom login feature without using individual authentication of identity.?

  2. Yes please, can you add dashboard page with visuals and pdf exports?? thanks in advance
    It will be very useful to explore all AminLTE functionality and plugins.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this educative article.

    I look forward to reading role based authentication in .net core 3.1 from you.

    Keep it coming because you’re doing a good job.

  4. Excellent work and keep it up.can you do a project of CRUD operations with sweetAlerts integrated in it . Especially confirmation to allow user to delete records or not.

  5. Great article. I just recently integrated the AdminLTE with .NET core, but I used Razor Pages instead of MVC. Awesome job.

    1. Hi, Yes. Ultimetely my goal is to have all the tutorials over at Youtube as well. For now I am just preparing the content on my blogs which I would later improvise and use for the Youtube Videos.

      Thanks and Regards.

  6. Could you tell me why you gave this error: Build: The module ‘”./FilterizrOptions/defaultOptions”‘ has no exported member ‘RawOptionsCallbacks’. Did you mean ‘import RawOptionsCallbacks from “./FilterizrOptions/defaultOptions”‘ instead?

    after I tried to do the display inclusion

    1. With AdminLTE 3.0.5, the filterizr plugin for some reason still has it’s own source code files, which might cause TypeScript errors in Visual Studio if you try to run the project (in my case, I was getting Build:Module error on .ts files). The solution is either to remove the plugin if you think you won’t need it or inside Solution Explorer, delete everything in filterizr folder except for the following files:


  7. First thanks 🙂
    I did it and worked for the first time but when i want to register another users it did not work :/ Thank you again 🙂

    1. Hello, Thanks for the feedback.
      I am not very sure of your issue. You could probably refer to my Repo on Github and cross check your code. -
      Please write to me if you don’t find a solution yet.
      Thanks and Regards

      1. Hi Mukesh,
        yes was able to fix, on my browser i blocked all the cookies to be stored, only on my consent it should save.
        on localhost it didnt prompted. Once I allowed cookie then it resolved my problem.
        Thanks for asking Mukesh.

  8. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am
    impressed! Very helpful info particularly the last
    part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this certain info for
    a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  9. Very well crafted and great article.
    When I try with child level menu, left side bar menu is not active and even it is not opening the parent. Could you please suggest.

  10. Hello Mukesh,
    I am a beginner in this domain and found out your admin lte starter kit with .net core 3.1. Now I don’t u understand many things.
    1) How to I add custom views using controllers as there is no default controller folder. Do I have to create one? If yes then where. (PS- I want to implement it with razor pages not mvc.)

    2) When I install the extension a default db starting with “aspnet” and then some long gibberish is created. I tried adding a table to it and then on using the scaffold command to generate models it generates models for all the tables including the identity ones. Now, how do I use this table to perform CRUD with razor pages.
    2.5) I tried adding razor pages to the pages folder but om viewing it in browser it says that it cannot find the context in the given class.

    3) Correct me if I’m wrong. I thought this was a .net core project with razor pages but upon reading your quick start it seems that its MVC. So, where do I create the controllere folder or better how do I implement it with razor pages.

    4) I want to use the template with razor pages what will I have to do ? Please guide.

    I really need your help or anyone else who can answer my questions. Really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you!

  11. how do i render Register and login in the “@renderbody” of _Layout.cshtml
    putting this command
    Layout = “~/Views/Shared/AdminLTE/_Layout.cshtml”;
    in Register and login didnt work

    1. Awesome article! I’m glad I found it after a lot of searching on the web. I’m planning a new web project with ASP.NET Core and this was a big help!

    1. My article was published on 2020/06/21 at 1:55 pm and the article you mention is posted by December 2020. Yep, I took a time machine to 6 months into the future, copied the post, returned back to my timeline, and published it here :/

  12. Hello Mukesh,

    Thanks for this great article .Can you provide a sample for recursive menu please for this template ?

    I couldn’t integrate it correctly

  13. Hi, Can you please update your post by adding a menu with a submenu to the Main Sidebar on the left side of the page? I have tied but it failed. the (parent)menu keeps collapsing when you click on any of the submenus. Thanks

  14. Thanks for amazing post. First time I tried to integrate the template with .Net 5
    The explanation given in the article is awesome. Thank you so much dear Mukesh .:-)

  15. I did everything right and it was working perfectly fine on my dev env. However, after deployment the login takes me the original default page layout and not the AdminLTE layout. I tried looking everywhere but couldn’t find a way to fix the issue. Can you help me figure this out?