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  1. Nice to have a list of steps that actually work.

    When you say solution file I think you mean project file when adding the build step to Visual Studio.

    Also when putting the app.css in wwwrooot it does not mention the subdirectory css although that’s probably quite obvious.

  2. Hey! So I’ve followed this tutorial but the postcss is giving me some issues that I don’t know how to fix.

    Firstly, my component CSS files are ignored from the build (ie. NavMenu.razor.css and others) so I have to apply any manual CSS I write (including tailwindcss @apply directives) to the app.css file -> not the best practice!

    Secondly, I’m having to rebuild the css before every build, when in reality it’s really not that slow to just download the whole of tailwind when in a dev environment. Sure it’s good for prod, but it’s premature optimisation that’s slowing down my work!

    Is there a way to resolve these two issues? I’m sure postcss and tailwindcss configs can be modified to this end but I’ve not got the experience to do so :/