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  1. Hello Mukesh, I am a big fan. Found your blog recently and it has been one of the best thing so far for me as a developer. Your articles are great and your explanations are top notch. Your article on the mediator pattern was really what sealed the deal for me as I gained an understanding I hadn’t gotten everywhere else. So Please, do write the article on Clean Architecture for ASP.NET Core and MVC Applications.

    1. Hello Victor, Thanks for such wonderful feedback, I felt really happy reading your comment. And yes, I will soon get the Clean Code Architecture for WebApi and MVC out. Planning to separate this into two articles, and probably video walkthroughs as well. Also maybe Boiler Plate Templates too. Any suggestions?

      1. I think seperating them into two articles would be great. It would give you a chance to explain in depth the whole process without it being too long. Video tutorial would also give you a chance to elaborate more on this architectural style. Boilerplates are great as they help speed up the development process, however, for a beginner or someone who is new to it, might be more confusing. Currently, the anticipation is killing me

    2. Thanks Mukesh. Very insightful. Please do write the article on clean architecture.

      1. Sure, I am planning to split the content in this way.
        1. Onion Architecture for ASP.NET Core (basic implementation in webapi) – Where we can learn basics of onion architure and stuff.
        And then 2 following Articles for Clean Architecture implementation

  2. Thanks Mukesh

    I’m waiting to read your article on Clean Architecture. Also please add some points about projects separation in solution through your new article.

  3. Hello Mukesh,
    Namaskaram ?
    I just found you today and your blog ?
    It’s really phenomenal and spectacular content ?..
    I read 3 to 4 blogs and thank you for amazing creativity and ideology to make it is with a wonderful examples in a very easy format to any one can understand..
    Thanks much for your time and effort to sharing your thoughts and knowledge to the world…
    Have a great wishes ???

  4. Comments are failure of expressing yourself with code IMO..avoid comments as much as possible in favor of readable names and code 🙂 otherwise nice basics 🙂

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