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  1. Hi mukesh, I am actually finding a solution regarding health check. I wanted to do health check of application which are deployed in lower environments (SIT).
    This application is deployed in Azure vm. My task is to develop an application to health check applications that are running in lower environments. Please do the needful. Early response appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Madhuri.
      I guess you could build health checks within your application to get health reports of associated resources. Or if you are following a sort of microservice architecture, you could probably add a healthcheck microservice that can get response from other API endpoints / resources.


  2. Hi , I looking for something where can check health of application in lower environments (SIT) this application is hosted onto Azure VMs. So I wanted to know health check of api’s and db of the application which is hosted in lower environments. My task is to create an application/api to get status of health of application in sit. Can you please suggest something on this. Awaiting for your response. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Mukesh, your articles are really very helpful to understand the concept.

    As per this article this is a manual process to check health but I have no user to check health manually so this should be automated and send mail to the developer when failed.

  4. Hi, nice one! Is there any way to register a Hosted Service or I should go the custom Healthcheck path? Thanks in advance